How does this all work anyway?

It works pretty simply:

The best way to start getting high quality sex toys you'll love:

1. Choose your box size & fill out your profile to subscribe. We ask just enough personal information to enable us to make the right choices for you. AND, we keep that information sacred.

2. Wurkbench will custom curate your box based on your unique profile. That means you'll get toys you love and none you don't.

3. We'll ship on out to you (within just two weeks of ordering), and then you'll get a new box every quarter! (You can cancel ANY time you like ... but we hope you won't!)


What's in my Toy Box?!

So... By now you know we custom curate each box for you. But you're probably wondering... like, HOW MUCH COOL STUFF am I going to get exactly?

Essentially, it's like this;

$129 Box gets you TWO to THREE premium items (based on what your profile demands), TWO to FOUR pretty darn cool ones - generally designed to accompany the premiums, AND a few useful extras we think you'll enjoy. For example, one we sent last week had - A rechargable silicone (magic) wand, a bed restraint & bondage system (a nice one), nipple clamps (ouch but mmmn),  a tantric massage oil candle, rubber paddle, a satin blindfold & anal beads.

$99 Box gets you TWO premium items, TWO pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras.

$69 Box - gets you ONE premium item (like, seriously primo) item, TWO pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras that we think you'll enjoy.


Want to just try Wurkbench out once?

Want to just try us out? Great! You can choose a 'one-time box'. We don't take a profile for those, so you'll need to lay down some darn good hints about what'cha love... (and what you don't).


Returns & Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are not accepted. If an item is damaged or does not work please contact us at Provide your name, email, description of item and what is wrong with the item. We will assess each inquiry on a case by case basis to determine the proper course of action within 24 hours.