Takin' it to the Wurkbench...

My husband and I started this business because we know we aren't the only kinky couple out there that wants to keep things spicy in the bedroom...or the 'wurkbench' as my husband has affectionately come to call it. It wasn't until we moved to our new house that we really knew what we were on to. As we began packing up our little beach house to head to suburbia, I was in charge of packing up our toys. To my dismay, we had a bunch of broken toys with missing batteries, broken cords and some that I don't know why we purchased in the first place. So I labeled what was left in a uHaul box "Wurkbench",  so the movers wouldn't know the contents of this special little box. When we got settled in and headed in to the Wurkbench we opened up the box excited for some sexy time and were quickly reminded that we were in dire need of some new tools for our 'wurkbench'.

Going online is always great, but how do you know what to get? What makes you want to try something new? Wouldn't it be nice to have inexpensive high quality toys discretely arrive at your doorstep ready to play with?

Hmmm, now there's a thought! We are so excited to share this unique subscription with you. Based on your profile we will hand select items just for you each quarter and ship them right to your door! No matter what price box you order, you will receive high quality items that will surprise and excite you and your partner...or you for those single lovers out there! When you've had your fill, you can also put your subscription on hold at any time.

Why quarterly, you ask? Well, you can get some great use out of new toys for a few months then you're ready for something new. With each shipment we will build on the collection of tools you receive to enhance your sexual experiences each and every time. If you want something special or to try something new, don't be shy, tell us! That's what we're here for...and BTW, its all secure and confidential ! So get started on your survey so we can customize a box for you today!

Want more info before you dive in, then check out our HOW IT WORKS page



About Our Products

Our goal is to get the Wurkbench boxes in the hands every horny person in America so they can see what a custom-curated box should be! The contents of our boxes will be everything you want and nothing you don’t. We source only the safest of phthalate-free products made with medical grade steel, 100% silicone and glass..

Wurkbench Quarterly Boxes are priced at $69.99, $99.99 and $129.99 and include flat rate shipping to the United States of only $8.95.

The added bonus of our subscription is that if you were to purchase these items individually, you’d be spending up to 40% more!